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Richie Porte - what do we know about him?

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Re: Richie Porte - what do we know about him?

19 Jun 2018 02:34

LRP doing his bit for Omertà - I mean how the hell did this get out?! :cool:

What do you make of the ongoing controversy around Froome?

It’s a tricky one. Chris and I have been teammates for years and I never saw anything to doubt that he’s genuine and the best Grand Tour racer of his generation. So it came as a massive surprise to me this whole thing too. I think for him to come out and win the Giro under that cloud of controversy just shows how mentally strong the guy is. But it’s yet to be seen if he is going to ride the Tour. Who knows.

I mean at the end of the day it’s just a shame that cycling once again airs its dirty washing in public, because it shouldn’t even be out there. People forget that. I think people are going to say that I’m just covering for him but at the end of the day he has the right to have been able to defend himself without it all being in the media. I mean, he’s a human being after all. Somehow it’s been leaked and I think that’s also something that needs to be investigated; how the hell it got out.

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19 Jun 2018 04:51

I agree with Porte - This should have remained a confidential matter until a decision is made - I always find it strange that the 'paragons of virtue' in this part of the forum adopt such a hypocritical attitude - Porte's opinion of the leaking of information has absolutely NOTHING to do with Omerta - To suggest otherwise is mischievous.
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Re: Richie Porte - what do we know about him?

19 Jun 2018 12:07

LRP . . . you can take the rider out of Sky, but you can't take Sky out of the rider. :D
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19 Jun 2018 13:11

Porte has always been strangely reverential towards Froome. He lacks Froome's ruthlessness in race situations though and I don't think he will ever win a tour ahead of Froome since you feel that he is only ever one bad day away from a disaster of some sort.
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19 Jun 2018 13:36

The most interesting part of the article was Porte stating he refused to race the Hammer Series.
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20 Jun 2018 13:39

Why would you even say anything like that, even if you believed it? The correct way to answer that (unless you know for certain that CF has a magic bullet to make the AAF disappear) is "He's allowed to race, so he is. I'm not sure what I would do in that situation. I hope it gets resolved quickly." Nothing else.
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