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The Roche Family and Irish Cycling

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11 Mar 2017 17:42

TheSpud wrote:
Dan2016 wrote:No offense taken Spud, I'm just messing about. :)

And yeah La Plagne stage '87, absolute classic. I remember watching that like it was yesterday. Great memories.

I heard him recounting the story of that stage a few years ago. You probably know the story already: he was stuffed all day, really badly stuffed. When Delgado broke away he knew he would have only one big late effort to try and limit the damage.

In those days the race communications didn't work in the last x number of kilometers on mountain stages. Delgado wouldn't know what was happening behind him in this 'black-out' zone. Roche left his effort to that short window of opportunity, and as you know, drove himself to the point of physical collapse.

I still remember the complete shock from the commentator seeing Roche appearing from the mist just after Delgado crossed the line. It was a genius bit of tactics. A real classic stage. Makes me all nostalgic for the 'good old days'.

That commentator was Phil Liggett -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sQojh-wqL04

Go to 1:50 in for the best bit.

Things were 'better' in those days in my view - maybe cos I was a teenager and life was fun and easy ...

Great stuff, cheers, good memories watching that again.
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