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Official Lance Armstrong Thread: Part 3 (Post-Confession)

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24 May 2018 09:30

MarkvW wrote:
ebandit wrote:I gave up at US postal never really doped much...just a couple of units of blood etc etc per tour...................
Mark L
They were highly intelligent about their doping, and the whole team was laser-focused on peaking for the Tour only.
Hincapie is going to be in a granfondo race that I'm riding next month. If the opportunity presents, I will heckle that "legend of cycling" for you about Armstrong and US Postal. Still don't like the smugness of these guys and their rationalizations. The race is also a medical fundraiser, so I'll think up some kind of concise taunt about "blood bags". He may remain very popular among a certain lycra-clad demographic, but he's still not a saint who is beyond the reach of satire.Image
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