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Wiggins, Clinic respect?

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12 Jul 2018 13:48

ebandit wrote:team wiggins is a UCI continental team with the explicit goal of developing young british riders

instead of seeking opportunity for snide comment which has absolutely nothing to do with doping

surely praise for brad doing something for our sport would be more appropriate

Mark L

Oh dear, a fan i see.

Oh well i take Wiggins as i see him. A doper who started a charity and used the money for a rugby team and to wine and dine his pals.

Snide is deserved for such a huge C**t.
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Re: Wiggins, Clinic respect?

Today 14:00

Wiggo! Juicey! :cool:

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Re: Wiggins, Clinic respect?

46 minutes ago

Wiggo's lost his marbles, if he ever had them to begin with.

"Package that never was"?? That's a new angle. Not even the Dark Knight SDB himself tried to deny that the package actually existed. Obviously Wiggins is keen to rewrite history.
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