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Badzilla, the disease of champions

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20 May 2014 02:17

Too much, too much.

Luis León undergoing medical tests to detect suspected African virus
Although the field wasn't strong, being Movistar Team the only WorldTeam and Luisle's Caja Rural the only Professional one amongst the 16 contesting teams, this victory was "unexpected" for the Murcian rider. "I've been suffering and having weird feelings for so long I sincerely didn't contemplate to perform this well", he admitted shortly after his success.

After signing for Caja Rural this winter, the season hasn't been brilliant so far for Luisle. He seized an early success at stage 1 of Tropicale Amissa Bongo, and failed to win the overall by only one second. Later on, he was on the podium of the Vuelta a Andalucía, only overtaken by Alejandro Valverde (Movistar) and Richie Porte (Team Sky). After that, he was anonymous in Catalunya and País Vasco and delivered an 8th place overall in Turkey before his triumph this weekend.

(It's a 4 hour flight to Kenya.)
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20 May 2014 02:30

Looks like Froomey gonna have some competition from a fellow "african virus" sufferer in a few years...once he finds the right combination of "medicine".
go crazy
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20 May 2014 02:35

It's got very little to do with bilharzia though.
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09 Jun 2014 17:01

Dear Wiggo wrote:I thought this was interesting:

A letter to the editor of the Zambia Post:

How Froome managed to be infected for years and not pass blood through his urine is pretty damn miraculous imo.

Especially during the anti-doping tests. When his urine came out red perhaps the testes and Froome would have noticed? :rolleyes:
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10 Jun 2014 17:49

thehog wrote:Especially during the anti-doping tests. When his urine came out red perhaps the testes and Froome would have noticed? :rolleyes:

We have a winner! Typo of the Year :D

Totally agree tho. Any of the three of them should have noticed......

And Sky are playing us fans for gormless 'nads? :rolleyes:
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Tyre Byter
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Re: Badzilla, the disease of champions

10 Nov 2017 02:20

Bumping thread due to Froome discussion on bilharzia...
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