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11 Mar 2017 08:41

fmk_RoI wrote:The funny thing about QS and doping is that PL claims that it was doping stopped his riders from ever really having a chance at the GC in GTs. As if, like Fabs, he believed there was no doping in the Classics. (I'll dig out the quote later, I think I have it lying around somewhere.) Also worth pointing out that there are plenty of stories about doping at PL's teams. And there are plenty of stories of PL being awarded damages in consequence of those stories. So, tread carefully...

Edit - that quote:
"With the new UCI points system, the Classics riders are actually discriminated against. But if you look at the podiums of the big tours in the past, there was always some trouble, and I didn't want to be involved in that. But times are changing, and with the biological passport system, I think it's increasingly possible to ride well in the major tours clean."

The main target of the Het Laatste Nieuws exposé was Lefevere himself and that is an important distinction to make when considering the outcome: the allegations made were many and varied but the finished picture was intended as a portrait rather than a landscape.
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