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In Blood Stepped: The History Of Blood Doping In Sport

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08 Jan 2018 23:33

fmk_RoI wrote:I'd forgotten about this, and I'd even contacted the author to see what - if anything - new he had. Had hoped he'd have something new, given how the abstract claimed "the author had a medical role at each of the Olympics that is discussed."

Because that peer-reviewed paper was unsurprising doesn't mean that he couldn't have any more detailed insight on the matter, he apparently has his interest in the blood doping subject stemming from somewhere and he seems to have commented even earlier on the PED topic and the prestigious jounal The Physician and Sportsmedicine (1983: 11:8, 131-145) has the take of four specialists on how the hormone subject should be dealt with and K.D. Fitch is one of them (the other three being Daniel F. Hanley, E.C. Percy and Herman Adlercreutz)

I should add that he was very cordial in his reply when I wrote an e-mail to him a week or two ago pointing out a few minor errors and omissions in his paper.
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