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What's your personal hematocrit level?

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What's your personal hematocrit level?

11 Mar 2017 22:13

What's your personal hematocrit level? Has anybody has their level tested?

Can I just ask my regular doctor to test it, or would I have to see a sports-medicine guy?
User avatar SlantParallelogram
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Location: Chicago IL

11 Mar 2017 22:48

40,1%. It's in my yearly at-work medical check results
User avatar GuyIncognito
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11 Mar 2017 23:44

42,8 %. I didn't have it tested specifically to find that out though, it was part of a blood test after a grand mal seizure.
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Re: What's your personal hematocrit level?

11 Mar 2017 23:48

SlantParallelogram wrote:What's your personal hematocrit level? Has anybody has their level tested?

Can I just ask my regular doctor to test it, or would I have to see a sports-medicine guy?

IIRC a regular blood test should test for sugar levels, salt levels, white/red blood cell count, Hema, cholesterol, kidney function, etc
User avatar Benotti69
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12 Mar 2017 00:35

yeah i had a blood test and asked to see the print out of the results just so i could see my hematocrit. it was 45.
User avatar zlev11
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12 Mar 2017 03:12

Mine was 44%, but I'm over a mile up, I'm not sure if that makes a difference.
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User avatar GraftPunk
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12 Mar 2017 04:19

A couple months ago 43.9%
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12 Mar 2017 14:08

In a blood test last year it was 44%. Does it stay more or less constant through life? Does fitness level affect HCT? Maybe i should look it up.
User avatar veganrob
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12 Mar 2017 16:38

I've been as low as 39 and as high as 47. Usually around 44. Living at sea level.
User avatar IzzyStradlin
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Re: What's your personal hematocrit level?

12 Mar 2017 17:16

My figure is around 49-50, but for one reason or another, the hemoglobin concentration is higher than should be calculated from HCT, last value being 17.8 g/dl. I have my blood checked by the healthcare system of my employers roughly once a year.

When I first heard about the high figures as a teen, I started running regularly and participated in a few quarter and half marathons. Full of hubris and with full confidence on my (presumably high) oxygen uptake, I got my *** handed to me every time. In the end, hematocrit is just a relative figure and even tends to be higher with non-talented people like me.
User avatar Aragon
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12 Mar 2017 21:41

I dunno, I haven't actually checked it. I suppose it's pretty average...
Whatever they are, they're definitely not giving me any kind of advantage. Can't even get up the hills around here without getting short-of-breath.

How can you have a non-personal hematocrit level though? :p

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User avatar RedheadDane
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12 Mar 2017 22:52

Usually between 49 and 49.5%, it's probably a combination of living at moderate altitude (1180m) and good genetics.
User avatar Mayomaniac
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13 Mar 2017 02:40

Usually 48-50% . Always lived at low altitude, and of only moderate fitness at best. Highest was 50.3% if my memory serves. It's funny because I have really bad endurance.
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Re: What's your personal hematocrit level?

13 Mar 2017 10:01

User avatar MartinGT
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Re: What's your personal hematocrit level?

13 Mar 2017 11:20

Average - 45.

I'm a mid-50s competitive runner who lives at about 5300 ft. I've had yearly labs for about 30 yrs when I started running in the late 80s. I've been as high as 47 and no lower than 44.

Interestingly, back in my younger days when I was hitting 40 mpw and racing a lot, my Hct was the same as it is now when I can barely manage 20 mpw with limited racing due to chronic injuries. I used to be obsessed with Hct levels & race performance, now it's all about getting this old body out there and trying to get some decent workouts. Lol.
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13 Mar 2017 12:52

My last one was 51% I remember joking with the doctor about it
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13 Mar 2017 15:45

Pretty steady 46 on all recent test.

Live at sea level with fairly regular weekend trips to 6200 feet.
User avatar red_flanders
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13 Mar 2017 16:32

Around 41.5% on my two most recent tests
User avatar LaFlorecita
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Re: What's your personal hematocrit level?

13 Mar 2017 20:58

46-48% while living at 200m.
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15 Mar 2017 13:46

Anywhere between 45 and 47%.
User avatar Escarabajo
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