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Study suggests Tramadol enhances TT performance by ~ 5%

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12 Oct 2018 05:52

warrior4life wrote:I was a long time prescribed user due to back pain, up to 400mg per day over many years.
Eventually the performance gains dissapear but it's always a big appetite suppressant, it hugely increases motivation to train and aids sleep.
It's a real bugger to get off though

Glad to hear you're off it. Did not know Tramadol is Boko Haram's drug of choice -
Another painkiller, Tramadol, is fuelling widespread addiction - and as the BBC's Stephanie Hegarty found out, it may even be fuelling insurgency in the north-east.
So why is it so prevalent in Nigeria? Firstly it is cheap - in Nigeria it's about $0.05 for 200mg as opposed to about $2.50 in the US, and secondly its ability to help people work. Across Africa, many people rely still on manual labour to get paid.

Mr Ayuba believes religion may have a part to play as well. Alcohol is forbidden in the majority Muslim communities of north-east Nigeria, but there is less of a taboo around prescription drugs.
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