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Poll: How will Froomes salbutamol case end ?

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What will Froome be sentenced with ?

4 years ban
No votes
2 years ban
No votes
1 year ban
No votes
9 months ban
No votes
6 months
No votes
3 months
No votes
He will go free of all charges
No votes
Total votes : 0

Poll: How will Froomes salbutamol case end ?

06 Feb 2018 17:04

I believe we're getting closer to what looks like a case ending for the Froome salbutamol case.

Let's keep the talk in the Froome or Salbutamol thread and just use this for a vote on how you predict a possible verdict.
User avatar danielovichdk2
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06 Feb 2018 18:07

Two years is the maximum ban he can get so 4 year ban option needs removing.
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06 Feb 2018 18:10

Nine months initially, reduced to six on application having contributed to CIRC.
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06 Feb 2018 18:17

Mod hat on:

Just FYI, this thread is being discussed and could well be locked. Please bare this in mind if you are posting a discussion point that might fit in one of the several other threads being used to discuss Froome.
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06 Feb 2018 18:39

I added the same poll to the salbutamol discussion thread. There's enough threads on Froome as it is
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