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Hall of Shame in Doping | Inaugural Edition

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Re: Hall of Shame in Doping | Inaugural Edition

06 Jun 2018 20:51

Armstrong started a religion around his persona to diffuse any factual reasoning. Leveraged his illness, made victims of it out for fightless losers. Pocketed money followers thought were for research. Victimized team mates and anyone near him not fully his puppet or enabler. Still fails to hide under a rock.

Pantani by having a complex personality made doping somehow accepted.
Riis made it mainstream to explore how much dope the body could take
Boogerd denied, denied, denied, denied. Played the clean ex pro on TV. Got huge gains with tiny cardiovascular engine.
Meirhaeghe took that little bit extra (on top of the god dose) to make sure.
Bjoergen proves that thick bodybuilders CAN be 30 km winners against outright ectomorphs.
Cancellara obviously used a motor for his greatest victories. On top of the usual cocktail.
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