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Slime Dawg Millionaires

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Slime Dawg Millionaires

28 May 2018 20:15

Enough of the present.

Daylight the demons that got us here.

The official clinic retrospective.

Game on.
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29 May 2018 07:04

On the first day, Henri Desgrange created the Tour De France.
Desgrange moved upon the face of the waters.
And Desgrange said, "Let there be a race that only one rider can finish!"
And Desgrange saw the light and it was a light that very few in the world could see.
Then Desgrange said "Let those poor souls ride up impossible climbs"
And Desrange called the finish heaven.
And that's how the Tour de France came to be.

Oh yeah, lots of doping took place since day one.
The bible left that part out.
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