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Inhaler use

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Inhaler use

07 Jul 2018 23:17

I check the forums everyday but rarely post and never (well, maybe once years ago?) in the clinic but....
While watching the TdF today on nbcsn it struck me that use of inhalers while racing is now overt and acceptable. Check the pictures at 53.8 k to go...there’s a Team Dimension Data rider sucking away.
Just seems that with all the current turmoil, the media would be more careful to omit scenes like this, but instead iht shows actual usage while racing. Look kids, the pros use it so you can too!
Anyway, I just thought it interesting to see it on tv.
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08 Jul 2018 06:58

Here's an article on exercise-induced asthma. It says one third of the riders at Team Sky have it, compared to 8-10% of the general British population.


[Maybe this should be in the salbutamol thread?]
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