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The current state of pro cycling - an appraisal

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01 Dec 2018 03:40

Alex Simmons/RST wrote:Pros racing masters category races. Must be HUGE prize money on offer on the masters circuit... not.

These guys are not doping for the prize money, and you know it.

This is reality..people dope for recognition mostly..not money.
the guy crossing the line first in a GranFondo..or a big training crit is not filled with emotion..pride or whatever?
S.Cal has masters caught for doping..back out the numbers it could have never been about money..most " big races " in the US don't have the winner walking w $500 bucks..even sloppy cycling math..w a multi thousand bicycle.@$500-1000 on a uniform..@$100+ dollar helmet..Jersey and bibs @200..shoes..@$150-300..if there is a strap around your chest from anybody..Garmin,Polar or others heart rate is expensive..and pick anybody to measure your wattage...ouch..even the Pioneer unit that fits on the chain rings is priced to kill..gas @$2.50 -4 bucks a gallon..@$30 entry fee minimum..and if you do a S.Cal or NYC Gran Fondo and don't live there..@$100-200 bucks to sleep with roaches at a hotel..
If you train at all..eat up chains,cassettes,tires and coffee and live someplace w running water ,electricity and no adults in bunk beds..Cycling won't pay your bills..you can win 2 times a month in S.Cal and your prize money won't get you gas,parking and dinner..
Prize money for 99.9% of bike racers is a non issue..
I have ridden w guys that have carbon wheels that even 5 race wins wouldn't pay for if every other expense was comp't or covered by a sponsor..
And that link to golf..?..doesn't anybody remember when Tiger used a recovery technique that had his doctor using blood enhancement that was in question for legality.I think in Florida..his doctor left under the cover of darkness..I think they called it..platelet rich plasma injections..Dr.Anthony Galea..another quality dude..
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05 Dec 2018 11:34

Just as you can't compare my performances with a pros, I don't you can compare amateur doper motivations with pro doper motivations either.
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07 Dec 2018 11:30

King Boonen wrote:Just as you can't compare my performances with a pros, I don't you can compare amateur doper motivations with pro doper motivations either.

Top pros - ego, self-esteem, fame, money (not necessarily in that order)
"Journeyman" pros - to earn a living.
Top amateurs/juniors/espoirs - to try and fulfill their dreams of riding and winning at the top level.
Others - ego, self-esteem.
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08 Dec 2018 10:50


brilliant. another whole-life cheater and doper in pro cycling management. that's exactly what cycling needs it seems...
Shut up, Jens!
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