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WADA Getting Ready to Reinstate Russia

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22 Sep 2018 11:46

yaco wrote:I wonder why people give some much creedence to the utterings of Travis Tygart,USADA and any American Sporting Organisation - They have a track record of hiding positive tests and giving soft penalties - And the athletes who cry crocodile tears is amazing - It's like they are purer than white snow.

Good point. Travis Tygart is a fraud. Look at the recent Jon Jones decision.
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23 Sep 2018 08:40

Bolder wrote:^^not just money, but IMO members of WADA, IOC et al are scared of Russian hacking (as perhaps they should be!). Perhaps some not so subtle digital threats were delivered. We've seen what Russian cyberwarriors can do if they put their mind to it, just ask the US Democratic party...there was no way they'd bring the hammer down on Russian athletics federation.
Craig Reedie and RusADA director Yuri Ganus, at the meeting with WADA in Lausanne :


Happy times are here again... "I knew you'd come to see it my way, old buddy..." Bolder could be right about the компромат, because it's like a fine art in Russia, of political blackmail to collect damaging information on rivals, a kind of gamesmanship in itself. When I was living in Russia I often had the unnerving feeling that things at the depths are not what they seem to be on the surface, legality may be optional for a certain hidden elite and rules of society are barely holding things together. Like some places I went, I was told explicitly are "not for ordinary Russians, this is for special Russians" and some of the guys were just mafia operating in plain sight, with their entourage of bodyguards and kept women. (Side note: The BBC photo shows the Russian delegation sent some foxy ladies to Switzerland, although it's crass to say so I kind of doubt that WADA has equally glamorous staff overseeing their testing labs, as RusADA)
So with Fancy Bears and all the hacks, WADA and IOC kind of know that Russians have stolen some information, but they're not sure exactly what. The Fancy Bears was fairly superficial damage because most of the TUE's were boring, but it still blew up to be a huge scandal in the western media. So what if, there were something even worse out there which is being held back? And that's the essence of компромат, in my understanding - show your rivals some of the cards in your hand, and keep them guessing about the rest
Russia Ignores Four WADA Requests To Test Its Moscow Laboratory
RusADA’s new head, Yuri Ganus, insisted his organisation had made changes. But when asked why it was not acknowledging the McLaren report, he replied: “It’s not a question that depends on us . . . it’s about negotiation.

That's just speculation, so it will be more important to take a look at the finances of Russian cash contribution to WADA, before, during, and after the ban. Like the New York Times investigation implied
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03 Oct 2018 14:31

Russia don't dope in the same way they don't carry out assassinations in foreign countries and never make death threats to whistle blowers who take off like their house was on fire. Tygart has done more good than bad and not many so called anti dopers can say that much. Russia's problem has been making the cheating so blatant. If they were smarter they would have sailed through the system like the Jamaican track and field team. If you are going to have a nationalized doping system you have to cover all the bases re payoffs and corruption.but of course there will always be some whistle blowers running for their lives.............
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12 Oct 2018 20:10

Sounds like some "mansplaining" went on at WADA's meeting - Beckie Scott's reason for resigning -

Wada's all-important 12-person executive committee then held a meeting in the Seychelles to formally approve Russia's reinstatement.

It was there, Scott claims, as she made a presentation, that she faced "upsetting" comments by some of the members representing the Olympic movement "definitely designed to denigrate, to belittle... and to bully".

"I felt an intense amount of pressure going into that meeting. There was laughter when I read out the list of athlete committees who were confronting the decision [over Russia]," she said.

"At the time it was upsetting, and on reflection it's a tactic, a manoeuvre and born out of a long-standing belief that athletes don't have to be part of this conversation."

Scott says she was "disappointed" neither Wada's president Sir Craig Reedie or director-general Olivier Niggli stepped in at the time.

"There was no confrontation or challenging of that behaviour at the time it took place," she said.

"I think it's indicative of the leadership of Wada's alignment with the Olympic movement."

Reedie said some athletes did not fully understand Wada's intentions, a suggestion Scott described as "quite offensive".

Beckie Scott is the nearest thing the Olympic and Paralympic athlete community has to a figurehead.

A highly respected former IOC member, and the most senior athlete representative inside Wada, her explosive claims will be highly damaging for Wada's beleaguered leadership as it faces an unprecedented backlash from western athletes over its decision to reinstate Russia.

With some critics suggesting Wada lacks the independence from the Olympic movement to be fit for purpose, this will only add to the pressure that the regulator is now under. Especially a week after the US indicted seven Russian spies for hacking in connection with the alleged hacking of Wada officials.
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12 Oct 2018 23:48

Robert5091 wrote:Sounds like some "mansplaining" went on at WADA's meeting - Beckie Scott's reason for resigning -
Not necessarily sexism, but bullying and mockery of anyone who doesn't realize that WADA is a joke. She was naive enough to think there would be some serious purpose to the meeting about Russia, when it had already been decided, and athletes themselves have no say in the matter
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