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Vinokourov - Kolobnev Case

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Vinokourov - Kolobnev Case

10 Jan 2019 14:59

Anybody know what happened with the case where Vino was accused of buying the race? Did it just fade away?
User avatar MarkvW
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10 Jan 2019 16:40

On any English news site I did not find anything besides both were charged by Belgian authorities in 2014 by Velo News of bribery and a Cycling News story that the hearing will be in May of 2017 but Cycling News posted the article on April 1, 2017.
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10 Jan 2019 19:52

Hearing was postponed last year, as i understand it the new hearing is 19th this month
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08 May 2019 21:03

roundabout wrote:https://www.sudinfo.be/id117424/article/2019-05-07/vinokourov-nie-toute-corruption-pour-sa-victoire-en-2010-lors-de-liege-bastogne

lol - 'loaned in cash'

"It is in the Slavic soul to lend thus money. I also made it to an acquaintance to buy an apartment. A former sports director also lent me money, "said Vinokourov who also explained that the emails, from this case, had been invented during the hacking of his mailbox because, internally at Astana at the time, some wanted to remove him from the team and accumulated elements in this direction.

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