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The "Where did you ride your bike today?" Thread...

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15 Apr 2018 17:24

Red Rick wrote:
Valv.Piti wrote:Did 110 km today at Rold Rundt, a decently hilly race finishing on Rebild Bakken where Matti Breschel won a stage in Tour of Denmark in 2009. Finished 12th out of +350 riders, so Im very happy about that. But I won the fastest time on Rebild Bakken which netted me glasses, a cycling shirt and a ticket for next year's event which was kinda unexpected. With one second!

We average 40 km/h, so Im pretty gassed atm...

Congrats. What is it like being a KoM in Denmark?

What its like? Don't know, its not like I smashed people on an Alpine climb, just went pretty fast on a 1 km climb, sitting in wheels for a good chunk of it. So Im not really feeling special and I didnt think about the competition when I rode for some reason (I had good chances since Im very much of a puncheur and in good shape atm), but it was very profitable in the end. :D

Here's the ride

I also needed some podium girls to pinch. Won the Mavic jersey Im wearing

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19 Apr 2018 18:22

To the dentist today. 2.5 miles and flat. Temperature was about 25 degrees Celsius. Tomorrow it'll be
about 10 miles to a garage to collect my car.
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Today 06:30

Trying a little experiment, was out on 75 km two days ago and 80 yesterday and now onto a 110 km group ride. Mainly because the weather has been great lately and I needed some cycling tan. :D Anyways, lets see how it goes today, I fear I just don't have anything left.
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