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The "Where did you ride your bike today?" Thread...

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05 Jul 2019 15:06

That sounds amazing, Valv! Glandon, Galibier, Alpe is a proper Queen stage. Keep us updated whether you won your bet ;)
I hope to make it to the western Alps later this year in september. So far my season has been going well and I managed to build some decent endurance. My climbing is still ****** though, just way to heavy. My hardest training climbs have something like 420 m of elevation (Weißer Stein and Königstuhl in the medium mountain range Odenwald) and I've never ridden something longer, so the Alps are definitely gonna be something.
Tomorrow 110 km with 1700 m of climbing on the schedule, finally a long ride again after all that heat discouraged me.
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05 Jul 2019 19:37

I lost. Literally with **** 5 seconds. 13,8 km, 55 minutes...

So far I have climbed:
Col de la Morte
Pas de la Confession (West Alpe)
Alpe d' Huez
Col de la Sarenne (East Alpe)
Col de la Bérarde
Vaujany (5 km, 7 km in the next race, a little above Vaujany, same climb).

.. only Gaiibier left now. Would be fun to climb Chamrousse as well, but oh well, maybe next time.

I loved Croix, obviously, but also Sarenne. They are kinda similar if you go all the way down from the main road from Sarenne and the 'easy' Croix de Fer-side. Ornon is boring, Col de la Morte was great, West Alpe is somewhat easy, Alpe d Huez is just boring by knew (have climbed it 5 times). But still, hella hard. Unfriend people who say its not really hard, just a known climb. Bérarde was fun as well.
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