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23 Apr 2017 03:29

Benotti69 wrote:
movingtarget wrote:
Armchair cyclist wrote:Home page is marketing accessories for young children on scooters.

It only has 5 stories since 18th Oct, of which 4 are about beer and only one of those directly related to cycling (trying to claim that sponsorship from a brewery breaks UCI's rules about sponsorships from brands of spirits); the other is about Yanto Barker's clothing line getting some crowd funding interest.

Would I trust a cycling magazine that thinks these are the pressing issues of the last 4 months? No.
Would I believe that such a magazine is not interested in paying reviewers of cycling books? Yes.

Seems to be more of a general type cycling mag, not so much about racing but plenty about cycling tours, holidays and such. I guess there is a niche for that type of mag otherwise it would not still be operating.

It is probably a 1 or 2 persons operation out of a living room/spare bedroom. Hence they can survive on little and cannot afford to pay for content, lifting as much as they can or getting peeps to do it for free. New world order in publishing.

Yep you are probably right about that. Magazine publishing these days is like newspaper publishing. So many good newspapers have shrunk and so many good magazines have just disappeared.
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