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Bike Handling Skills - Danny Macaskill

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Bike Handling Skills - Danny Macaskill

17 Aug 2011 15:15

I am not sure if this vid has been posted before and not sure if this is the right forum, so I apologize in advance if either are incorrect, but here is a new video from Danny Macaskill and his crazy bike handling skills:

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User avatar elapid
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17 Aug 2011 17:53

Watched him last night on a tv programme called "Concrete Circus". He is without doubt the best cyclist in the world.
User avatar Irish2009
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17 Aug 2011 19:01

Saw that video a few days ago. The laws of physics do not apply to him.
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21 Aug 2011 21:23

yeah he can ride.............:D
User avatar lagartija
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22 Aug 2011 15:36

He only started riding in the last few years too :)
User avatar MartinGT
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22 Aug 2011 16:06

MartinGT wrote:He only started riding in the last few years too :)

This is simply not correct.

If you watch concrete circus you will see the crazy trials area he had built in his back garden when he looks about 8 years old.
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22 Aug 2011 17:28

His body control and apparent sense of spatial awareness are mindblowing. I wonder how well his spatial abilities would translate to other disciplines.
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23 Aug 2011 03:08

I can do everything he did in the first 30 seconds of that video.
Velo Dude
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25 Aug 2011 18:01

With all the changes you've been through, seems the stranger's always you
User avatar Stingray34
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26 Aug 2011 11:29

I wonder if he is more kind of Rodney Mullen or Frankie Hill.

Danny is a combination I think. Full of technique but also manful and very brave.
No doubt he and his bones will pay for this when he gets older.
At least he makes a lot of money. :D

Oh, I see Frankie is still skating (again). lol
He must have titan-knees right now.

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User avatar Cobblestoned
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28 Aug 2011 19:53

thanks for sharing!
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User avatar durianrider
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28 Aug 2011 20:53

Winterfold wrote:This is simply not correct.

If you watch concrete circus you will see the crazy trials area he had built in his back garden when he looks about 8 years old.

yes I think you're right, I was in the same high school as him and I am sure I remember him having the bike in school every so often, although I dont remember much these days.
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User avatar palmerq
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11 Sep 2011 11:52

Seen a few of his vids in the last few days and have shown a lot of my mates who don't ride and everyone says the same thing....

Oh.... My..... God....
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15 Mar 2015 17:37

This guy has unbelievable bike handling skills but what he does in this video makes me think he's a little soft in the head! WOW!

User avatar Irondan
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16 Mar 2015 11:49

He practices on street stuff very close to where I live. When I had a BMX I tried some of it and failed miserably.
User avatar King Boonen
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Re: Bike Handling Skills - Danny Macaskill

26 Nov 2015 16:04

Danny "Big Deal" Macaskill and Friends, Unplugged.
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