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Trip to Paris Roubaix

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Trip to Paris Roubaix

13 Mar 2015 12:45

Hi - I'm new to the cycling news forum as I'm after some advice and info about a trip next month to see Paris Roubaix.

I'm going to be based in Lille and was planning to head out to watch it around the Carrefour de l'Arbe section. Would ideally like to be able to watch the race on telly somewhere close and then head out to see the race go past.

Any thoughts on this plan? Are there any screens or is the best option to find a local bar in the area?

Many thanks for any thoughts/suggestions.

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13 Mar 2015 19:43

Au Faison. Really fun place and many former pros hang out there after the race. From Tournai headed towards France the E42 has an N7 exit. Barely off the freeway once off the N7 it's on the corner of Rue Rene Lefebvre and Chaussee de Lille.

The bar is very close to Sector 5 Camphin en Pevele and Sector 4 Carrefour del'Abre. Be prepared tons of people.

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30 Mar 2015 15:55

Cheers for your reply Scott. Sounds like a good place to hang around.
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01 Apr 2015 00:01

Did someone say Paris Roubaix?
My friends and I made the trek from Canada four years ago and it was an awesome experience.
We stayed in Lille as well, and hopped a streetcar for the short trip to the velodrome in the morning.
My only advice: Don't get too hammered the night before. I had grand plans to go to the Carrefour, but they were quickly dashed when I woke up in a bathtub (long story).
Just as well, though. Walking into the velodrome after seeing it for so many years in pictures was amazing. Better yet is we had great seats at the last corner and were able to watch the race on the big screen.
We also made a lot of friends that day. I'll never forget the old guy from Belgium beside me who broke into tears when Boonen entered the Velodrome alone.
You're going to have a fantastic time, not matter where you end up.
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Re: Trip to Paris Roubaix

20 Mar 2018 05:41

Hey general forumites, I am taking a trip overseas (I live in Canada) next week and I'm gonna go biking around a bunch of places including checking out Paris-Roubaix live. Found this thread searching and the few replies are great, but I'm wondering if anyone else has experiences to share about it... I'll probably stay in Lille, but I'm not sure where I wanna watch... if anyone has thoughts or suggestions I'm all ears.
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