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The "Where did you ride your bike today?" Thread...

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12 May 2018 21:01

Did 75 km and 1500 m of climbing on my road bike around the Odenwald today. I was riding with a guy way faster than me and he really made me suffer on the false flat valley roads. When we were hitting the hills I hadn't really recovered, so I'm pretty tired now :D
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25 May 2018 19:56

A local ramp to me, it crazy steep, sorry about the swearing in it

rick james
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29 May 2018 19:16

So I did my first TT today, I borrowed my friends tri-bike with some nice wheels (no disc tho) and just went for it. The TT was 34 long and completely in 54 minutes, so around 38 km/ph. It was pretty demoralizing just getting overtaken by guys going at 44 km/ph on flat roads, I simply couldn't push harder than I did.

Fun experience. I like proper road racing better as I am much more of the explosive type on the hills around here (I dont have the highest FTP, but am very good at anerobic efforts at around 1-2 minutes, especially late on a ride/race) and like the tactics of that, but its interesting to try another discipline.
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29 Jul 2018 07:59

Not today or yesterday. Too much (gusts of) wind and rain.
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