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Rear hub choices

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Rear hub choices

16 Jan 2016 13:23

I like the DT Swiss 240 straight pulls but I'm hearing that they are a bit pricey and for the money there are better ones out there. Any suggestions or are the 240s OK?

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17 Jan 2016 13:21

I'd be looking at Chris King or Hope with standard j-bends. Straight pull can mean time waiting without your wheels and offer no benefit. My choice would be Hope, my own opinion if they are just as good as Chris King for cheaper. Tell the builder to get the steel free hub, it'll last longer.
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17 Jan 2016 20:59

I'm partial to White Industries, but I don't think I ever saw a part with Chris King stamped on it that wasn't quality work.
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18 Jan 2016 01:35

Some good suggestions made here. If you want value for money, Ultegra are the way to go.
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