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Best places to live for recreational cyclists?

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22 Mar 2016 14:11

Girona's not bad, the only negatives for me, loads of traffic and not enough variety of climbing. But if you head inland a tad more, you get everything. 40mins west and we have 30 plus Cat climbs inc a handful of HC. Polite drivers, smooth roads, little traffic, coast accessible, mountains accessible. Only issue, gets cold in winter, but that never stops anybody, right!
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22 Mar 2016 22:52

Having just completed the East Maui loop, I would add Maui as a great place for cycling. A bit limited in some ways (being an island, and all), but what is here is just spectacular.
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05 Apr 2016 21:42

Grasse and surrounds. Easy one hour commute into Nice by bike. Loads of rides down to the Med. Loads of climbs inland. Gorge du Verdon a two hour ride away. Temperate Med climate with enough rainfall to keep the scenery lush. Hilltop towns, fab local restaurants.
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01 Nov 2016 16:44

FrancoCarpa wrote:Everywhere is nice i guess! But best in my opinion is to have random terrain like flat roads, hilly and some long climbs aswell.
If you live in Friuli (Italy) you can find all of that. Or somewhere near the border with Italy like in Nova Gorica (Slovenia).
Zoncolan as the closest. Giro 2016 will climb on Matajur. There's another 20 km long climb in Slovenia which takes you over 2000 m altitute on the mountain called Mangart. Cycling around Collio (italian part) and Goriška Brda (slovenian part) will give you some short northern classics style climbs of 10-18% incline. And then there's the flat part leading you all the way to the sea.
Also you can go to other famous climbs in the Alps just few hours away!

But the most important thing is to keep calm and keep cycling!

Having lived in Trieste (Venezia-Giulia) for a couple of years I can say I totally agree with that. Some of my favourite climbs in the area, and also in Europe, were Monte Crostis and Monte Mangart. There is also Vrsic pass on the Slovenian side and mount Učka further down south in Istria, Croatia. And it is only two hours away from the Dolomites, other climbs like Monte Grappa and also Austria, where there are some of the most difficult climbs in Europe. The weather is not bad either, I would cycle all year round. Trieste offers lot of possibilities to keep on training over the winter.
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Re: Best places to live for recreational cyclists?

14 Nov 2016 19:41

anyone been to Spain in January? ,I watched the vuelta and would love to do some climbs..

I like the Pyraneese (been 4 times),central massive and going to explore the Alps next year....

Everyone is different ,I go for great sight's ,nice people ,nice climate....
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18 Nov 2016 22:04

Meran/Merano is a great place, the weather is rather mild (at least by our standarts), so you can ride all year round, with Meran 2000 you have a really hard training climb that pretty much starts in the city, there are many other great climbs in the surrounding area (Leadner Höhe, Salten/il Salto Gampen Joch/Passo delle Palade) and if you go for a longer ride you can just choose between Stelvio, Rombo, Passo di Monte Giovo or the underrated Maso Corto, for a cyclist that's a great place to live.
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10 Dec 2016 15:09

The Cote d'Azur is amazing. I go there every year in the summer, and sometimes in the winter/spring. Great riding, hilly. always nice weather and good for the whole family, as they will love it there what gives us more possibilities for riding our bike.
Only in the summer try to avoid the coastal road as there it will be crowdy after 11:00 hours.

For Great cycling in the high mountains I would surely suggest the Dolomites. I really love it over there. The Alta Badia region is splendid.

And also great is the environment of Calpe Spain. Specially in winter and spring. lots of professional teams go there for training stages.
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10 Jan 2017 18:43

Autignac area in south west France, miles and miles of quite roads with good surface.
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10 Jan 2017 18:50

if I had my choice it would be Italy
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18 Jan 2017 09:51

I live in Asturias, north of Spain. Typical Vuelta climbs here (Lagos de Covadonga, Angliru, etc.), and plenty of hard and long climbs, 2nd cat climbs, 3rd cat, etc. It's a place with the sea close to the mountains, some climbs start at sea level in the coast. It's a warm place, not too cold and not too hot. There aren't not so many flat roads, some "rolling" sections in which we train when avoiding climbs.

The only problem is weather in winter months, as it rains sometimes for a month everyday. From January to April we have lots of rainy days, although temperature is not bad. The rest of the year, it's a cycling paradise. In fact, Asturian riders as Samuel Sánchez, Dani Navarro or Iván Cortina live here.
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Re: Best places to live for recreational cyclists?

20 Jan 2017 03:03

Wollongong, including the Royal National Park, the South Coast and Southern Highlands.
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22 Jan 2017 07:02

Hey, I worked with a guy who's living there in Wollongong! Nice place as I could see in pictures!
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28 Jan 2017 04:26

GambadiLegno wrote:Hey, I worked with a guy who's living there in Wollongong! Nice place as I could see in pictures!

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23 Feb 2017 10:24

Chicago:- Chicago is a best place to cycling
sanfrancisco:- san francisco high quality cycling facilities, Busy market here with street lane bike.
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Re: Best places to live for recreational cyclists?

12 Mar 2017 22:19

Hi: I live in Northwest Arkansas, (Ozark Mountains) We have great weather with tastes of all the seasons, Humid warm summers, light winters and great springs and falls for being outdoors. We have great hilly terrain with good vistas. Our metropolitan area of NWA, Fayetteville north through Bentonville has been building many miles of bike trails with tunnels and bridges which is good for commuters of bikers and joggers alike.
There is a large contingency of mountain bikes with many miles of back woods trails and camping. Fayetteville has hosted the Joe Martin Stage races that attract many Pros and quality amateurs.
If you have a chance to visit this area you will be impressed. Unemployment is low and quality of life quite good. And home prices still reasonable. This area has been rated many times in national surveys as one of top 10 places to live in the country.
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13 Mar 2017 21:22

fatandfast wrote:San Diego, South of France, Spain, NYC,Holland. If you want to race recreational style do not go to any of these places. They all have a super strong contingent of folks that work real jobs but ride like pros. Colorado is great for everything on a bike including beer before during and after rides


I realize it's a pretty awesome city with a heap of things going on, and it's great that it's so much safer than it was 20 years ago and all, and it's cool that there's more bike lanes than ever, but still...NYC? You can't ride 4 months or more of the year because it's too damned cold, you're almost always in traffic, traffic of cars, traffic of people. It's basically flat. There's not a lot of scenery, no grandeur of riding in the beauty of mother nature. Sure Central Park is a great park, but it's not quite the same as upstate NY, let alone being in real mountains.
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