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Just established a cycling club

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Just established a cycling club

01 Mar 2016 11:29

Hi friends,

We have just started a cycling club in Islamabad and initially we are working with the people to start cycling as beginners for all ages and gender. We are planning to expend it to all over the country in the coming months. In Pakistan there are some clubs encouraging people to do cycling for fun and to keep themselves fit but its not very popular as yet. Our aim is to start cycling for the beginners for all ages so people should take it as a sports, as a healthy activity and environment friendly option and use it as an alternate option for travelling. There are many challenges as we do not have special roads/treks for bikers, no legislation and safety standards.

We need your input and support based on your experiences that first how can we motivate and attract people towards cycling? What safety measures needs to be taken? How and what kinds of cycles can be good for different people based on their affordability as we have diverse people with different income group. How females can be encouraged to do cycling? Although we have already some female members but still its not very common for female riders to join a club. We are also thinking to arrange some events in near future in different regions so as to include more and more people in the club and convince others to start using cycles as a healthy activity and environment friendly option. Thanks for your time and hope to hear from you soon.

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01 Mar 2016 12:22

Hi Zahid,

You've probably posted this in the wrong section to get replies.

Mods, could you move it to the general section?
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