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Goma Cycling Club article in UK's Guardian

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Goma Cycling Club article in UK's Guardian

15 Nov 2016 08:01

Charles-Guy Makongo already has his hands full helping the DRC’s most vulnerable people access justice – his day job is directing the American Bar Association – but in his free time, he takes some 30 teenage cyclists under his wing.
In a region scarred by war, Makongo thinks it is worth the expense to keep his members busy and focused on something positive. Some are still at school, some are trying to work out how to afford university, but all are aware that unemployment is extremely high and are trying to find a way out of poverty.

“When you are a young, unemployed man, you may have bad ideas about joining bandit groups and militias,” says Cadeau Kabumba, one of the club’s newest members. “The club keeps you busy and stops you having those thoughts.”
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