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Best cycling road in Europe?

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Best cycling road in Europe?

25 Jan 2017 21:37

I have my favourite - it's a small road in the Pyrenees that takes you up to Coll de la Creueta BV4031 from Campdevánol...quiet, totally stunning, lovely rock features and amazing flora - what's yours?
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29 Jan 2017 16:19

Easy - Stelvio!! - Jeremy Clarkson also says this is the worlds best road too.
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31 Jan 2017 21:07

Jeremy Clarkson says that from inside a Lamborghini.
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23 Feb 2017 16:08

Col de Turini (also in Clarkson's top 3).

But if you dare to take a road where Clarkson will not come with a Lamborgini, than try the Coll de Tende .

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02 Mar 2017 19:10

Terry.J wrote:Easy - Stelvio!! - Jeremy Clarkson also says this is the worlds best road too.

Thats the climb I'd want to ride the most as well. One of the hardest passes (the hardest from Prato?) in Europe and definitely one of the most beautiful. I'd love to go there.
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