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cable guide problem

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cable guide problem

16 Mar 2017 13:56

I bought a scott addict r2 2011 frame second hand and I didn't have a cable guide, i've looked online but nothing will fit the frame, there is no hole for a screw in guide so it would have to be glue on but they don't seem to sell the right size anymore. I was thinking of glueing on some outer cables but I wasn't sure if this was a good idea. Any ideas about what i should do?
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16 Mar 2017 16:54

I'm guessing you mean the BB guide? Have you asked Scott?
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Re: cable guide problem

16 Mar 2017 22:07

I did a quick internet search for a Scott 2011 Addict guide. I discovered that:
(1) The guide is glued in place, and
(2) Replacement guides are (or were) available.
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