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07 May 2017 03:25

rick james wrote:
42x16ss wrote:Have any of you ridden around St Andrew's? Mrs 42x16ss and I are there for a wedding in July and will probably be looking to hire bakes and get out and around for a morning.

I cycle around that way a lot, we are up there a few time in the summer, great place for cycling when you stay away from the main roads.

this place has bikes outside for hire, and its just a few doors up from an amazing ice cream

if you wants any ideas for routes just let me know

St Andrews is a great wee town for a drink, some amount of nice bars for a small town

Thanks for the tip, looking forward to going there. I've had a look online and there's some good looking routes there.
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07 May 2017 19:18

For a giggle, try loading up your gpx files into this:

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08 May 2017 09:20

rick james wrote:gkjord - I'm just about to head out on the nightshift so I will give your routes a better look over when I get home tomorrow morning, but the Fort William loop I've pretty much done that route but we started in fort William and we did a good climb out that way on the loop

this climb https://www.strava.com/segments/1236591

Damn, even that hill's been Meffenated!!
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