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Cycling Visualizations - graphical analysis of pro cycling

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Cycling Visualizations - graphical analysis of pro cycling

08 Nov 2017 20:11

Hi folks!

I open this thread to present the project I ran a few months ago - Cycling Visualizations. The aim of the project is basically to graphically analyze things or subjects (riders, teams, races, etc.) I find interesting from pro cycling, trying to do them in an interactive way.

I have published a few visualizations so far - you can find them at the following link:


The last one, published a couple of weeks ago, was referred to the decrease of Time Trials at the Tour de France:


And here the twitter account in case you find the project interesting:


By the way, for the moment visualizations are better to be seen on PC screens. Not sure about tablets, and too big for mobile phones.

And that's all...hope you'll find it interesting :). In next visualizations I'll try to do more interactive works. I'll update the new content here if you agree.

PS: moderators, I hope this is the right subforum to publish this sort of stuff. If not, please move it to wherever you find appropiate. Thanks!
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09 Nov 2017 07:04

Great job! I use Tableau at work all the time. Cheers!
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09 Nov 2017 12:13

Thanks mate! The initial idea was to use other tools/techniques apart from Tableau, but we’ll see…cheers!!
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10 Nov 2017 10:03

I'm unsure if this should stay here or move to the PRR section. Any thoughts from anyone?
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Re: Cycling Visualizations - graphical analysis of pro cycli

28 Nov 2017 20:02

Hi again folks!

I've recently published a new interactive visualization where you can analyze different Twitter stats of the main men pro races (GT, WT, HC and 2.1 level races) and shown in different ways.


I think you can find there some interesting facts - even surprising in some cases, as I commented in the twitter thread. Hope you'll like it!
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