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Best/favorite TV series ever

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27 Apr 2018 09:00

Sopranos! Any day of the week!
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11 Jul 2018 19:15

My wife went to lunch with her 'ladies group' at the beginning of June, and among all of the conversation there was a discussion about Sons of Anarchy. I was aware of the series, but had never seen it, nor did I realize that it ran so long (plus there is a new spin-off coming this fall). So based on that we started watching abuot an episode a week. It was just barely compelling enough to keep me going for a while, but then I kind of got hooked. Its been 100 degrees here so in the heat of the day we usually watch at least an episode each day. We just started season 3 and I'm losing interest. The biggest complaint I hear from other people is that the Sons are just so messed up, everything they do is chaos. Mostly I don't really have a problem with that per se because I think that when you are involved in crime a lot of stuff can go wrong, plus no one ever said that MC gangs are full of scholars and geniuses. What's losing me is that there are too many layers of chaos. Yes, all of the MC stuff is a mess as expected, but now EDIT: my 'but now' was a spoiler so I took it out... I'll give it a few more episodes, but unless there is a change, I can't see making it through season 3 let alone making it to season 7.

Don't give me any spoilers, but is it worth riding out for a while?
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