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The Real Football Thread

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04 Sep 2017 14:00

hi, my favorite is Real Madrid (Spain)
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23 Sep 2017 17:37

Leicester 1 - 2 Liverpool with 2nd half just started.
Good pace and intensity.
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23 Sep 2017 17:59

2 -3, wonderful game.
Henderson first then Vardy.
20 mins plus change left.
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24 Sep 2017 10:48

Liverpool are the great entertainers this year, both in good and bad way. They completely lack in game management, being up 2 or 3 goals against lesser opposition is no guarantee of victory.

Although their defence have been the popular target for criticism, I'm of the opinion that real problem positions for Liverpool are goalkeeper and defensive midfield. While none of their defenders are world class, they also completely lack protection from midfield as well as assurance and organisation from behind which a world class DM and goalkeeper would offer. It all makes their defensive line look much worse than they actually are. Although, for the sake of fairness, their defence do lack leadership. It was expected of Matip, but he hasn't delivered.

In the Premier League, first signs of a three horse race for the title are emerging. Having said that, it is still very early days and Tottenham and Liverpool can certainly not yet be counted out of it. Also, United has had extremely easy fixture list up to now and haven't yet been really tested. In this stage of his career Mourinho is a bit like a ticking time bomb - when in important games key decisions and results start going against United, he could easily become the greatest hindrance to his own team.
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