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The real Tennis thread.

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27 Jan 2018 23:03

Wanted Halep to win but had a feeling that the accumulated battles would wear her down not to mention her usual nerves. Wozniacki had a good tournament and deserved her win.
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28 Jan 2018 12:02

KING ROGER!!! he could win this final in 3 sets...
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28 Jan 2018 12:18

portugal11 wrote:KING ROGER!!! he could win this final in 3 sets...

Impossible to say. Cilic played very well in the 2nd set, which could have gone both ways. In the 4th set, I agree, Federer basically gave Cilic the chance to come back and win it. It was a very weak set by Federer.

Overall, I think it was a good match, also for Cilic who managed to wash away the bad impressions from last year's Wimbledon final. Periodically, Cilic was the better player, and in that way I think he really succeeded in showing his potential against the greatest player of all time.
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Re: The real Tennis thread.

29 Jan 2018 02:58

Red Rick wrote:
BullsFan22 wrote:Watched the highlights of the Halep Kerber match. It was pretty good, but again, it's just 'highlights.' Both ran a lot of balls down, especially Kerber...both had power, winners...Halep will really need to improve her serve against Wozniacki, but she's capable of breaking anyone, so there will be a number of breaks in the final, no doubt about that, unless someone is serving above expectations. One thing that surprised me was that for a three setter, and a 9-7 scoreline in the 3rd, it wasn't that long, 2:20. That's good for Halep, because if this was another 4 hour match, it wouldn't have done much good. This is now the 2nd match of the tournament where she's saved multiple match points. This 'should' help her before the final, knowing she can hold her nerve. That said, she is in a similar position as in 2017 Roland Garros. Escaped against Svitolina, then was in command against Ostapenko in the Final and ended up choking.

Just watched those highlights too. Very impressive hitting from Halep, didn't knew she had that kind of hitting in her. I figured Kerber would just outgrind her.

In any case, you could see at times that both players were slowing down a bit in the third set, and started being more selective in chasing balls in longer rallies. Some people claim the women can play 5 sets, but with their lack of serve and short points, it's just not possible

Fascinating observation.

I am more of a fan of women's tennis, and have always felt that they should play best of 5 in GS's, but that they haven't due to: A) individuals not speaking up and suggesting strongly that they should play 5, B) time restrictions in the scheduling.

No GS could fit in all the early round matches if both men and women's singles were best of 5.

So my suggestion is that women play best of 5 from the quarter-final stage onwards.

I had never taken into account the extra effort that most of the top women players (Serena, plus maybe Pliskova on a good day aside) have to put in to win points, games, sets. Most men will have at least one service game a set where they serve 80% or more non-returnables; they're hardly spending much energy, whilst women winning points just off their serve is often at a premium. In addition to that, because of the reduced advantage on the serve for women, they have far more deuce games.

Having said all of that, I feel like women could still play best of 5. It's just a willingness of fans to accept a drop in overall standard, plus more tactical 'tanking'. Best of 5 would also benefit someone like Wozniacki more, and I like the idea of endurance playing an even greater part in the game.

Also on this subject; is it almost ridiculous that men play best of 5, for 7 matches, at Rolland Garros? Their serve doesn't have the same impact on clay.
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