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Stephen Covey RIP

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Stephen Covey RIP

18 Jul 2012 05:22

His name may not be that familiar to some, or some may wonder why I'm posting it here. Stephen Covey was a former businessman who wrote a best selling book called The Seven Habits of Highly Successful People. It's an excellent business read, for any who have an interest. Perhaps most interesting his is 7th Habit: Sharpening the Saw, where he talked about keeping your body healthy.

Covey was an avid cyclist, even well into his 70's and just three months ago he was badly injured in a crash descending his bike on a mountain road in Utah, even though he was wearing a helmet. He never completely recovered from that crash, and passed away yesterday. He was 79.

Article here.
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18 Jul 2012 19:54

Though I have never read his books, I have been quoted them on numerous occasions and from how people around me talked of him they seemed to be very impressed and he seemed to be a great man who must have helped a lot of people through his books and his own influence...
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