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Neil Armstrong

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Neil Armstrong

25 Aug 2012 19:35

What a horrible coincidence, Neil Armstrong died today. He helped us all dream. Those who watched the moon landing at the time will know what I mean.
User avatar pugdog
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25 Aug 2012 19:52

An Armstrong we can be proud of.
"Listen, my son. Trust no one! You can count on no one but yourself. Improve your skills, son. Harden your body. Become a number one man. Do not ever let anyone beat you!" -- Gekitotsu! Satsujin ken
User avatar BroDeal
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25 Aug 2012 20:11

Very sad news. :(

The man who symbolised the greatness the human race is capable of.

PS: If we could perhaps correct the spelling of his name.
User avatar Descender
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25 Aug 2012 20:14

My 13th birthday was the day they launched. One of my first heroes. RIP
User avatar Master50
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25 Aug 2012 20:14

Neil Armstrong and the other astronauts of that time were incredibly brave and inspiring people.
User avatar pedaling squares
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25 Aug 2012 20:43

BroDeal wrote:An Armstrong we can be proud of.

Ohhhhh.... so it's your understanding that he committed suicide, Brodeal? :rolleyes:
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25 Aug 2012 21:00

A sad day. Courtesy of krebs303, maybe Neil Armstrong will finally get to ask Mr. Gorsky if he did manage to cash in on his wife's promise.
trompe le monde
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