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Caruut in the USA!

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Caruut in the USA!

02 Sep 2012 12:19

Over September I'm going Stateside. Gonna be visiting family and Boston and then meeting up with some friends from home in Chicago and NYC. Would like to know opinions on what's good to do on a reasonably tight budget in all three, especially Chicago since I'm not with anyone who knows the city there. Thanks all.
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05 Sep 2012 10:32

Hi Caruut, can you give a bit of an indication of your interests? I've not visited any of those cities but have a list of stuff to do in each as they are on the agenda for a future trip. I'm a history buff/nerd so my list is pretty top heavy on that side of things, along with a bit of music, art and sport.

You sound like you need the advice of a local, but if any of that sounds of interest, send me a pm and I can send you a list of links to stuff I've bookmarked.

Another option is to check out the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum. Lots of info there from like minded travellers. It can be a great resource for budget ideas.

Hope you enjoy your trip. :)
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05 Sep 2012 16:29

Whatever you do PLEASE do not let Chicagoans convince you that their pizza is better than New York's.

One thing I never got to do in Chicago is check out the blues scene. If you like the blues/jazz/swing etc. definitely check out Chicago's scene. Heard Buddy Guy's place is def worthwhile.

And eat here in NYC, you won't regret it Wo Hop
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