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Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

Grab a short black and come join in the non-cycling discussion. Favourite books, movies, holiday destinations, other sports - chat about it all in the cafe.

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Re: Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

10 Apr 2018 07:26

Max Rockatansky wrote:OEB retires, Emil Hegle Svendsen retires, Bjorgen retired. Wow.

Not surprised by the first 2, (though wish Svendsen could have had a better last season) but i thought Bjorgen would go on for a few more years, she is clearly still one of the 2 or 3 best in the world.

Justyna also retires, that is about 300 World Cup victories between them.
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Re: Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

10 Apr 2018 11:40

Legkov retired.
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