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Nordic Skiing/Biathlon Thread

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27 Jul 2017 15:41

Semper Fidelis wrote:
python wrote:..the elite men finished minutes ago...holund won solidly ahead of everyone. krueger was 2nd and matti "only' 3d.
as i said above, i could not find any live streams, except the nrk1 will have a recording in some 6 hours.

well, i marked holund in a post above, but he still surprised by over a minute on a runner-up...

Kalla was only 12-13 seconds slower than johoug last year !!

I get the feeling the live streams are blocked in the USA IP addresses maybe I might be wrong. but I try all the time to watch almost any x-country event and never any luck. Then again my internet skills are not that refined.

semper, i am too much of a fanatic of xc skiing to be stopped by geo-restrictions :) more likely, i did not search thoroughly enough b/c i am in the middle of last preps for a vacation (we are again traveling south-west...)

indeed most european xc skiing events, just like the tdf or a giro (with some exceptions) are blocked if the broadcasting server observed a non-native ip. but fanatics like myself bypass them...i use restraint and common sense when occasionally tapping the content i am not suppose to. abusing it, would backfire...

when the winter season gets closer, i will pm you on the subject. for the most part, i watch the norwegian nrk (60+%), the swedish svt and the british eurosport (which i hate but use when there's no other option).
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28 Jul 2017 04:16

Mens race available here: https://youtu.be/30ijUzuw5fI

womens here: https://youtu.be/pzgi2NCdvBU

Holund is basically solo after the first tunnel. Very brutal start, as the climb only starts at a couple minutes. Before the race heikkinen jokes that he is so tired a crane is needed to lift him up in the morning so this is the chance for a Norwegian to beat him.

Weng tried the same but Kalla resisted and beat her.
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28 Jul 2017 18:08

Just saw Lysebotn opp. Kalla took part in this race for the first time and she won. Damn impressive! Perhaps she has reached another level. It will be interesting in November.
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