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Interesting Documentary (UK Only)

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Interesting Documentary (UK Only)

07 Dec 2012 12:06

Joe Papp wrote:A friend told me Vino set-up a toilet paper manufacturing facility in his native country this spring, to produce "Vino Toilet Paper" for resale in the Central Asian market.

But there was a problem: it wouldn't take sh^t from anyone.
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07 Dec 2012 21:53

[SIZE="4"][color="DarkOrchid"]Cyclist who took part in controversial BBC documentary inundated with hate messages and death threats[/color][/SIZE]
A cyclist who took part in a documentary highlighting his clash with a taxi driver has become the target of death threats from motorists.

Gareth Williams provided the BBC with footage filmed on his helmet camera for The War On Britain’s Roads, which was broadcast on Wednesday night.

But after it was shown he was branded ‘smug’, ‘antagonistic’ and ‘confrontational’ online by viewers and even subjected to threats such as he ‘deserves to be run over’.

It was all I could do to submit this comment I don’t know where the inspiration came from…
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07 Dec 2012 22:26

krebs- the leader in headlines.

I enjoy quite a bit of the stuff in the chaos thread.
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