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Vacuum Cleaners

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07 Sep 2017 03:24

Tylor wrote:
twothirds wrote:Dyson is worth it if you find them on sale, like around Christmas time (grabbed mine for @300CDN). I picked up a DC43 Animal (canister) and have only had a complaint with the turbohead which Dyson replaced free of charge (lifetime warranty on the machine and accessories). It's a good little machine. The performance won't blow you away (I was at first dissapointed), but we've had it for four years and it still works like the day we bought it. It grows on you. Does it work better than most others?n Yes, but I find that it's construction is where you pay. It's light and engineered to last. Also comes with numerous accessories to clean various things, including a grooming brush attachment. The cat loves to get vacuumed with it (he seriously does love it). If all you need is a regular vacuum cleaner for around the house, then there are other vacuums that work quite well for less and will last.

Had a Shark prior to the Dyson. Good vacuums, but when things go kaput, no CS to help you rectify a problem.

How about roomba ?

I have two in the basement that I'll make you a deal on. Did I mention that they are junk? Robot vacs are an OK idea, but they don't last. I think that they are trying to jam too much into a small space and it just ends in junk.
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13 Sep 2017 07:17

froze wrote:What is the best vacuum for under $200? I think the Shark Rotator Professional Lift Away NV500 is the best for the money, is it perfect? no but it is under $200 and on sale they can be found for $150 and sometimes even less.

Yeah, I agree with the previous responses, Shark vacuum cleaners are really good! I have such Shark Sonic Duo and it cleans everything very well, besides I really like the prices for them, I mean that Shark models have high quality and aren't too expensive at the same time :o


Also according to many reviews Hoover models are good and very popular :) Personally I can recommend Bissel and Dyson brands too, as I know from experience of my friends these vacuum cleaners have good quality too, here's for example some models of them https://cozzy.org/best-vacuum-for-hardwood-floors/. Hope that'll be helpful! :)
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