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Pro Peloton Jokes

Grab a short black and come join in the non-cycling discussion. Favourite books, movies, holiday destinations, other sports - chat about it all in the cafe.

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Pro Peloton Jokes

06 Dec 2016 21:25

Which is Sir Bradley Wiggin's favourite day of the week? T.U.E.sday, of course.
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07 Dec 2016 13:30

I am very optimistic and very lazy. My tires are always half full
Veni, Vidi, Kirby

I came, I saw, I was dead wrong as per usual
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13 Dec 2016 19:00

How can you spot a happy cyclist?
By the flies on their teeth.

(Sorry not pro-specific but classic)
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Re: Pro Peloton Jokes

30 Jun 2017 20:36

What do you get when you cross a world champion with a Greek dish?


OK, that was cheesy.
Rodrigo Arenas
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