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Sky losing eurosport?

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Sky losing eurosport?

29 Jan 2017 18:53

So, messages have just started appearing on eurosport stating that sky are losing all discovery channels. So basically no cycling, cross country skiing or biathlon which is about 50% of the reason I have Sky. Does anyone know if this is a attempt to scare up more money or is it a done deal?
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30 Jan 2017 11:51

Sky say Discovery left the negotiating table,Discovery blame Sky.Discovery claim Sky are in effect offering them less money than 10 years ago despite Sky putting up prices.
Discovery are asking Sky customers to Tweet:-
@SkyHelpTeam #KeepDiscovery
Nothing is 100% and I personally can't see Sky losing the Channel where viewers watch their Cycling Team!
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31 Jan 2017 23:35

Last minute deal is done so the channels owned by Discovery will stay on Sky.
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Re: Sky losing eurosport?

02 Feb 2017 11:37


Sky and Discovery are in bed together?

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02 Feb 2017 18:52

It was never going to happen :rolleyes:
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14 Mar 2017 09:36

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Re: Sky losing eurosport?

13 May 2017 06:53

I have no idea of it.
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