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Smart, Clever Animal Thread

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Smart, Clever Animal Thread

13 Feb 2017 00:07

We have cat and dog threads to cover a wide range of topics related to them. But after viewing some video of different animals doing incredibly smart, clever things, I got the idea to start this thread. So post away with your stories, videos, etc of smart and clever things any animal has done.
Here's my start with a clever honey badger escapee: http://www.dailyliked.net/henius-honey-badger/.
Unbelievable. And persistent.
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13 Feb 2017 07:29

Love the looks of the honey badgers, much like raccoons they are just way too cute. But as a hopefully responsible pet owner I don't want them anywhere near my domesticated pets/animals.

RESPECT the badger!

PS - Saw a falcon in my backyard earlier today, is there ever a more magnificent sight than the one of a bird of prey?
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03 Mar 2017 08:19

la pussie noir #ftw and hashtags
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