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Grab a short black and come join in the non-cycling discussion. Favourite books, movies, holiday destinations, other sports - chat about it all in the cafe.

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26 Sep 2018 22:09

Unchained wrote:I guess I am a little bummed that one of you more knowledgeable on running didn't comment ....I watched some of the Berlin marathon and I got the chills watching Kipchoge run. the guy is incredible!!!!
I also watched some of the hybrid record attempt in Monza..motorpacing didn't do it but close...Eliud is fvcking awesome!!
It's probably because all of us old-time amateur runners would probably be more likely to be commenting downstairs at the Clinic.

Personally, I'm so out of the loop at this point of my age that I don't even care anymore.
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01 Feb 2019 11:17

yesterday coldest morning of the year here in UK ..........minus 6c

50 min enthusiastic jog up and down hill

back home for the 'breakfast of champions' shared with the greedy dog..............

pound chicken pie...pound mince pie + smaller meat suet pudding.............LOvely!!!!

that 'lil lot took a good 3 hours to digest with the dog and i zonked out on the sofa

then a second enthusiastic jog .....................feeling just as energised as if i had consumed my

normal carb load............
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19 Apr 2019 17:52

Unchained wrote:Never knew anything about Betty Cuthbert..read a few good bits..worked hard for MS advocacy..the old photos are fascinating.. Australia had a population of @8.5 million back then..
Grew up in Paradise Vally\Scottsdale Arizona....Jesse Owens was on TV..doing public service announcement stuff.he was pretty old..it was many years later I got exposure to what his Olympic victory meant for him and Hitler..
I am always floored by early Australian athletics...landmass is equal to the U.S. ..it's like a big pie were everyone lives along the crust..I can't get over how many awesome athletes come out of this place!!!then and now..

You might be interested that the 138th running of the Easter Gift is taking place in Stawell, a town in rural Victoria, this weekend. The Gift is a 120m (formerly 130yd) handicapped professional sprint run on grass. There is also legal gambling on the event. Below is a video of the 50th Gift from 1927 when it may still have been the world's richest footrace. It is still a huge payday for the winners and historically many have doubled or tripled their winnings at the bookies expense.
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