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18 Feb 2017 18:21

Doesn't seem like we have a running-thread which is quite odd. Well, I'd understand since I really don't like running.

But, I still signed up for a marathon 2 weeks ago and ran it today. Having never run more than 12 kilometres at once, this kind of a big challenge. Don't get me wrong, it would obviously be very hard, but it seemed i underestimated it quite a lot. I was under the assumption that I was en very good shape (despite not really running) and just needed to pace myself well. After all, I could run 4:40/km on 12 kilometres and 4:00/km on 5! I know, not very impressive, but better than I've run for many years.

My goal initially was 4 hours, but that was quickly out the window. I could feel it right from the start, my heartrate would be rather high, but I'd still continue to run a pace much higher than 5:40 (that should have been 6:00, really) that I had planned in order to finish in 4 hours. I guess the clapping and the emotion got the better of me. Meanwhile, I was thinking to myself (you think ALOT during a marathon) that I was no Skybot and ran on instinct rather than on watts and km/minute. What a fool I was. Always be a Skybot in that situation and never Contador. It has to be boring the first 10 kilometres, the pace slow, but yeah. You got do get that experience firsthand, it doesn't matter if you read it on the internet or your running mates tell you.

So I completely bonked after 25 km, we are talking about Landis on La Touissuire and Ullrich on Galibier-levels combined. The only difference being Ullrich actually raced the best climber ever while I raced old men and women who beat be comfortably. Went from 6 min/km to 8 min/km and was close to retiring multiple times, but somehow pulled through.. honestly, I don't know why I continued, but it feels great. Apart from the pain when Im going to the toilet or want to make me food. I have the feeling I'll never be the same again.

Anyways, it confirmed that a) you actually need to train for a marathon and b) i like my bike better. Not really surprising conclusions, but what an experience. You can find the run on Strava, Andreas Riis. Running time is 4:40, but I completely in exactly 5:00 due to long breaks in the end.
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18 Feb 2017 20:01

You don't like running, yet you still signed up for a marathon?
You're weird...
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19 Feb 2017 01:03

I had seen that you were running a little on your strava (I follow you.) Then boom a marathon distance. Dude I could have told you that you were over ambitious. :p. That said, you still did decent for little training. Nothing to be ashamed of considering.

I've done very little running. Riding a bike definitely helps, but not completely. I find my joints and shins really need to get used to the pounding of the pavement. My heart adapts quicker....definitely prefer the bike though.
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19 Feb 2017 08:17

Brave/foolhardy/laudable attempt, Piti! Chapeau :D

I have run more than ridden for a year now, and I Kinda like the transition! It's a lot less time consuming to train this way I guess. And it is more practical to travel on the job with the shoes than a bike. Also there are a lot more races or events for us weekend warriors to attend at least here in Finland. But yes, the legs and the feet need to adapt to the impact quite a bit. Finding a balanced gait can also take time. And I definitely would say the transition is easier from running to cycling than the other way round.

Guess I will be doing long moderate pace rides in the summer but mainly run until then.

Set a goal of a sub 38min 10k and a 1:25h half marathon for this season to challenge myself. We'll see in the autumn. Just putting in the slow easy kms at the moment (6-6.45 pace range) and doing long intervals once a week or so. Which, come to think of it, is pretty much the same menu I did on the bike as well.
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19 Feb 2017 10:28

Marathon without training, and still finishing. Impressive.

Does strava estimate power output for running?
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04 Mar 2017 08:28

RedheadDane wrote:You don't like running, yet you still signed up for a marathon?
You're weird...

And a masochist!
I got into cycling to avoid the running I hated. Running doesn't like me either.
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