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cars and fuel efficiency

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31 May 2018 18:28

JayKosta wrote:Yea, buying a new car that way has pitfalls. I think the Crosstrek should be a pretty good vehicle. I was looking at Consumer Reports about Subaru models, and I think the Crosstrek is based on one of the other models (a sedan) that has a good rating.

Well, here she is in all her overpriced glory... actually, it's not a bad car. At least the sales guy didn't talk my folks into buying a sunroof, that would have been another few hundred bucks extra. (Dad had a car with a sunroof once before and never used it.)


The mileage in the city so far seems to be 17-19 miles per gallon, haven't driven it on the highway yet. And the "manual" shifting option is a bit of a joke, car's got a couple of paddles attached under the steering wheel, which turn along with the steering wheel when you turn it. So then you end up searching for them while trying to shift, it's pretty clumsy and disturbing. And the engine goes immediately into first gear when you make a full stop, at least I do feel the engine kick in when I upshift.

Despite its uselessness I'll probably use the "manual" shifting anyway, just so I can retain some small level of dignity.
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