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What beer ya drinkin'?

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26 Sep 2017 04:07

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

But whatever - I'm just here because they tossed us out of our fave bar just now.

Aerosmith - Train Kept a Rollin'

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26 Sep 2017 12:41

Tricycle Rider wrote:Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

But whatever - I'm just here because they tossed us out of our fave bar just now.

Aerosmith - Train Kept a Rollin'


I've had a few of those. Have you tried Sierra Nevada Torpedo?
Pretty smooth for 65 IBU.
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28 Sep 2017 04:26


Oktoberfest is a time honored tradition celebrating the marriage of Bavarian Princess Therese von Sachsen-Hildburghausen and Crown Prince Ludwig in October of 1810 — and beer, of course.

Since the publication of our first issue in 1845, Scientific American has been steeped in all things beer, from recipes and the chemistry of brewing to technology and the tools of the trade. With an All Access subscription, you’ll be able to tap into these fascinating stories and many others about one of the world’s most cherished beverages.


• January 1860: The Process of Beer-Making - Mechanical, Chemical, Microscopic
• November 1862: The Hop in England and America
• November 1886: The Science of Drinking
• December 1875: The Preservation of Hops
• February 1881: Barrel Machinery
• August 1892: Enormous Production of Beer
• June 1904: Malting and Brewing Conducted on Scientific Principles
• November 1929: The Outlawed Industry ‘Comes Back’
• June 1933: How Beer is Brewed
• December 1981: Reflections on the Rising Bubbles in a Bottle of Beer
• August 1996: The Mystery of Lambic Beer
• April 2007: Mathematics Point the Way to a Perfect Head of Beer
• August 2015: Scientists Make the First New Lager Yeasts in Centuries
Merckx index
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28 Sep 2017 05:47

Fascinating. Although beer did predate the codification of American "science" and the early high industrial period.

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30 Sep 2017 07:52

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01 Oct 2017 18:56

Today while watching football in my local, I had two pints os Ouseburn Porter. Top beer
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Re: Re:

06 Oct 2017 16:24

froze wrote:
jmdirt wrote:
froze wrote:
jmdirt wrote:
froze wrote:I only drink dark, called stout beer, I don't like ale, or lager, or pilsner, or pale ale (the last three are the absolute worse, it's like drinking urine!).

My favorite beer brands (from what I can recall) is Russian Imperial Stout (my favorite), Guinness Foreign Extra Stout, Murphy's Irish Stout, Modelo Negra, New Castle Dark, Watneys dark, black IPA, Goose Island Bourbon County Stout, Goose Island BCBS Coffee Stout, that's about all I can remember, I have a list of others I've never had but would like to try but where I live or been too it's highly unlikely I'll find them since so far I haven't found them. I've tried milk stouts but didn't care for those.

Every time I hear or read that, I wonder if they really know! :eek: :lol:

Just FYI: Stout (porter) are Ale (top fermenting). Lager (Pilsner) (bottom fermenting). So if you only drink stout beers, you drink ales. In the USA lager is too commonly associated with Butweiser and Coors which likely fit the description you gave! :D

I'm sorry, were all or any of the beers I mentioned made by Budweiser or Coors, or even Busch which you left out?

I should have been more specific and just said color, my bad, but I can stand any beer that is lighter than dark brown.

Bud and Bush are the same company. I don't think that you listed any made by B or C.

Have you tried:

Nope, never heard of the brand. I live in NE Fort Wayne and it's difficult to find a lot of the dark stuff here; there is some local stuff but not dark and not very good, but of course I only like dark so anything less than dark that I've ever tried taste nasty; note, I said that I have tried, obviously I haven't tried all the beers in the world there may be something pale that might taste good, I just haven't found it yet.

Look, before you hack me apart I am not a beer connoisseur, I don't sniff it, I don't analyze how it sets on my palate, I don't care about it's texture, or worry about how the head is. I simply go into a restaurant either in this country, or if i happen to be in some other country, and ask what their darkest beer is, and they may bring a sample, I've tried samples that were less than dark and had to pass, but I don't care about the brand as much as I care about the beer being dark, I'll try any brand in that regard, but most of my time I spend in Fort Wayne Indiana which isn't very diverse when it comes to different beers unless you like those flowery beers. I'm not big on having beer at home because I don't drink that much, I have maybe one beer once a month sometimes twice if I'm in a restaurant that I know has a beer that I like, and I never drink more than one glass. I actually prefer my beer a bit on the warmer side vs cold, because cold will mask true flavors in a beer, in fact cold will mask flavors of any drink including just plain water. I also don't drink any other type of alcoholic beverages, just dark beer. So I don't know what company owns who, and frankly, my dear, I don't give a damn, all I give a damn about is whether the beer is dark! LOL!

But if I should ever run into Crooked Fence Brewing beer I will, as I do whenever a new (to me) dark beer is available, I'll try it. Here in Fort Wayne the dark beer selection is rather limited, even at a large liquor store you can't find much, some of those ones I mentioned earlier were either in a different country or was in California where I use to live, I was shocked to find Russian Imperial Stout here, and in a pizza restaurant of all places, not even pubs here carry that, yeah I've been to pubs and walked out because they didn't have anything dark, a pub!...that's small town midwest America for you.

I meant to reply to this and never did. I'm not a beer expert either, just an amateur drinker! :D I usually have a beer or two a week.

To test the temperature idea: I tasted one from the fridge, one at room temp, and one that had been in the freezer for 10 minutes (fridge to freezer). I preferred the one from the fridge. Of course a different style beer might have different results (this was a Belgium Amber).
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29 Oct 2017 19:10

East Hollow, “Dry Cyser”, Upstate NY heirloom cidery, bourbon barrel aged mead style cider. appx. 9%
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09 Nov 2017 21:46

Has anyone here tried Heady Topper, it is 8% alcohol IPA. a friend of mine gave me one last year. But I usually have Ballast Point Sculpin IPA, Dogfish Head IPA and Arrogant Bastard Ale in my fridge
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12 Nov 2017 17:38

Miłosław witbier unfiltered
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14 Nov 2017 03:06

Where I live in Fort Wayne Indiana it's difficult to get true dark beer, none of the fruity flowery crap for me. We can get Guinness Stout beer, and Negra Modelo here, but big deal everyone can get those, their good beers though don't get me wrong, but I get bored with the same thing found at any restaurant/pub I go into that has dark beer, a lot of restaurants and even pubs don't even carry dark beer here! So one day my wife and I decide to try a pizza place in town that was suppose to have good pizza, I'm looking at the beer list for a dark beer when suddenly I spotted something I only ever had in Russia and have never been able to find it in the states, this little pizza place had Russian Imperial Stout beer, so of course I ordered it and it was much better then even the Guinness or the Modelo. The problem with little pizza place is I found out they change their beer selection every 5 months so I was able to get a second time we went to have pizza but the third time they no longer carried it, they had another dark beer I never heard of before so I tried and didn't care, well it was ok but nothing to jump up and down about, so I didn't bother to write down the name.

I have a list of dark beers that I've tried in other cities and states but around where I live it sucks trying to find quality dark beer, not even the booze stores sell anything other than...you guessed it, Guinness and Modelo.
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