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Politics in Sports

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04 May 2018 12:35

Jagartrott wrote:
King Boonen wrote:http://forum.cyclingnews.com/viewtopic.php?p=2252352#p2252352



All three of these posts are, in some way discussing how this use of the Giro for political gain might affect the race, especially if we consider that Froome's large appearance fee is no doubt funded in some way by the money the Israeli government is paying. How about the forced change of the stage 1 location naming from West Jerusalem to Jerusalem. Clearly an attempt to use the Giro as a "political pawn", to quote your first post.

We could discuss the recent deaths of Palestinian protestors and how hosting events like this are a way to draw attention away from these actions.

We could discuss articles like this:


This seems like the place to discuss this. We can move it to a new thread if it really bothers you?

Exactly this.
I wonder if they will show lovely helicopter shots of the open-air prison that is Gaza in stage 2, when they come quite close to it.

Cycling is used for political white-washing. Pretty disgusting.

So are you saying that the open air prison is because of cycling, and/or because the Giro is in Israel?

EDIT: If Netanyahu starts talking about putting doping cyclists in the open air prison then we've got something.
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