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Re: Hockey

16 May 2018 03:23

the delgados wrote:
Koronin wrote:
oldcrank wrote:Ya, ya, but wouldn't it be nice for Mr. Putin to have
a Stanley Cup ring to go with his Super Bowl ring?

? Malkin is Russian and has already won the Cup a few times.

Thank you, Koronin.
You're the best. The city of Winnipeg will lose their collective stool if the Jets win the cup. The Russian Penguins had their time. Now it's time for the Winnipeg Jets.
p.s. I must be missing something, because I don't get the Super Bowl reference. I'm guessing it has something to do with Trump, Kraft and Putin.

I agree, hopefully Shittsburgh is done.

"Winning is about heart, not just legs. It's got to be in the right place."
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20 May 2018 21:29

sweden is the world champion 2nd time in a row !! i won substantial bets.

gotta say, the swiss are an amazing team. their progress is phenomenal.
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