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The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Come in and talk about betting, computer games and cycling simulations, and your office's or online fantasy cycling leagues.

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11 Oct 2017 08:15

Very happy to be back in the top30. Hopefully I'll be able to stay theere until the end of the year.
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11 Oct 2017 09:13

For those of us with Konig he is already nearly 6 minutes down after first stage in Turkey
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12 Oct 2017 10:13

Does anyone konw what happened to Trofimov?
His contract with Caja Rural was terminated late July, only see this now on Procyclingstats.
And poor Intxausti, will he get back on the bike?
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

12 Oct 2017 12:32

Here is info concerning Trofimov.

Intxausti is set to ride the Tour of Guangxi.
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

12 Oct 2017 20:31

fauniera wrote:Here is info concerning Trofimov.

Intxausti is set to ride the Tour of Guangxi.

Well, the info concerning Trofimov was from February... No disrespect to fauniera as he was obviously only trying to help. But if anyone has more updated info please share. And thanks fauniera for the update on Intxausti; anyone knows if he has any contract offers for 2018?
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13 Oct 2017 09:47

Biggest leason of the year: thrifty picks increasing their score by several multiples are nice, but unless you get the decisions on the three-four most expensive riders rights it really doesn't count for anything :cry:
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

14 Oct 2017 15:48

Hey all, just looking at the upcoming schedule, and here's how it looks like the end of season will shake out:

This update (to October 15th) - Turkey and a few 1.1 races
Next update (to October 22nd) - last Europe 1.1, Japan Cup, Guangxi stages but not GC (done on 24th)
October 29th week - Guangxi GC and first few stages of Hainan
November 5th week - Hainan GC
November 12th week - Tour of Fuzhou (as far as I can tell, last .1 or above race and therefore the end of the season for the game)

I don't expect much beyond Guangxi (beyond now, maybe even) to affect the overall in huge ways, but there can still be weekly wins, Green Jersey points, and some shuffling up and down the general as the season plays out. But just to be clear, the official wrapup will be after November 12th; a couple of weeks later (by the start of December) I hope to have the post for next year up and we can start this thing again!
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

18 Oct 2017 05:20

Hi everyone, I'm travelling an have been stuck in an unexpected non-internet zone. Only have enough access right now to come on and say that the update may take until Thursday to get out, I know it's the end of the season but pardon the delay.
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Today 05:05

Update #40: Brullnux nabs late-season honours

So as mentioned in previous posts, we are in the denouement phase of the season. The Tour of Turkey, which attained WorldTour status but then changed places on the calendar and only attracted a bare handful of WT teams, took place this week. Third-tier WT points were on offer, however, and with the rosters thinned mostly to those who had a disappointing season, those coming back from injury, and those who don't have much experience but want to prove something going into the off-season, it creates a mixed bunch for the weekly scoring.

This Week's Top Scorers

Rank Team Points this week
1 Brullnux 315
2 laarsland 308
3 Guybrush 306
4 ItalianGigolo 300
5 rote_laterne 289

It's not the highest-scoring of weeks, but there is still enough variety that teams are clearly separated (the first tie in the standings is for 25th place). The week goes to Brullnux, who finally has a big payoff for picking Edward Theuns (one of 14 teams to do so) - Theuns has had a few bright spots this season, but this week's 142 point haul in Turkey is by far his most consistent and promising result since his big injury at the TdF last year. And his 645 point return on 405 makes him a more pleasing pick than he was a week ago. The WT-bound Dani Martinez also has a haul that helps Brullnux (and 13 other teams), scoring 113 points to bring his total to 217 at a cost of 87.

laarsland grabs second place as one of Martinez's other holders; laarsland's main scorer this week was actually unique pick Jesper Hansen with 163, but Brullnux squeezed out the win with a few riders scoring 20-30 points on top of the main 2. Guybrush slots into third with a totally different set of contributors, including Moreno Hofland, Yonder Godoy, Jarlinson Pantano and Ilya Koshevoy.

This Week's High Movers

Rank Team up/down
1 Brullnux (+9)
2 rote_laterne (+8)
2 CraZyCaLL (+8)
4 laarsland (+7)
4 greenedge (+7)

Brullnux takes double honours, and rote_laterne (riding the Theuns-Martinez train) and CraZyCaLL (who has only Martinez and a few 20-ish pointers, but is in a fairly tight section of the standings) tie for second, each jumping 8 places.

Green Jersey Competition

Rank Team Total
1 Blues in the bottle 241
2 fauniera 226
3 GP Blanco 222
4 the asian 221
5 scrooll07 214
6 ItalianGigolo 198.2
7 Kazistuta 197

No movement at the top, but ItalianGigolo bursts into the picture (I've listed teams that could take the lead with 45 points for a weekly win) by scoring big for a third straight week. With 45 points two weeks ago for the win, 30 points for third last week, and another 26 this week, that team is on a serious run. And most impressively, they seem to be getting points from all sides - this week it is unique picks Fausto Masnada (127 points) and (!!!) Davide Rebellin (60 points) that fuel the high placing. No one else near the top scores any points, but it'll be obscure picks like those that will flip this competition on its head, if anything does. Otherwise, Blues in the bottle has it sewn up.

Top 10 Overall

Rank Up/down Team Points
1 (-) fauniera 15532
2 (-) the asian 15389
3 (-) GP Blanco 14930
4 (+1) Kazistuta 14612
5 (+2) tom_jelte 14601
6 (-2) HelgeBlendet 14577
7 (+2) Hugo Koblet 14485
8 (-2) Wallenquist 14477
9 (-1) del1962 14394
10 (-) Blues in the bottle 14275

The trophy is at the engravers, and they are starting to think about how to stylize the 'f' to commemorate this year's winner... it's not over yet, but with very little action left, fauniera extends the lead they took over recently by another 43 points. The podium is pretty locked up but there is a surprising amount of movement lower down in the top 10, with tom_jelte having a huge week to jump a few spots (top 10 on the week, 222 points) and Hugo Koblet having a good one too. No ins and outs of the top 10, but there's definitely still room for some movement.

Up next, Japan Cup and some stages from Guangxi! We are winding down, softly.

Spreadsheet at dropbox
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Re: The 2017 CQ Ranking Manager Thread

Today 07:19

Thanks skidmark. The biggest danger right now is Taaramäe, who has good form (12th in Milano-Torino) and who should like the parcours of the Tour of Guangxi. Unfortunately Dillier doesn't seem to have any form, so i don't expect to score any points in China.
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